Pickles & Preserves


Product Code Product Image Item Name Price
ZBP12.5 Zimmy's Barossa Pickle 1.1kg

Zimmy's Barossa Pickle 1.1kg

Use as a dip or spread. Delicious with cheese and smallgoods. Excellent as a pizza base.


ZBP17 Zimmy's Dill Cucumbers 2kg

Zimmy's Dill Cucumbers 2kg

Genuine sour dill cucumbers. If you expect a dill cucumber, for goodness sake, use the good ones! An accompaniment to main meals, entrees and...


ZBP20 Zimmy's Pickled Onions 2.2kg

Zimmy's Pickled Onions 2.2kg

Sweet spiced pickled onions to accompany sandwiches, hors-doeuvres, cheese and smallgoods.


ZBP21 Zimmy's Sauerkraut 4.5kg

Zimmy's Sauerkraut 4.5kg

Sauerkraut 4.5kg