Kava 35g


Kava is grown in the Pacific Islands.  Kava powder is made by grinding the root or stump of the kava plant.   Ni-Vanuatu drink the kava from a coconut shell.  A serve is called a “Shell”.    Put filter bag containing Kava into 200ml room temperature water for at least 15 minutes, wring out  filter bag, stir and swallow in 2-3 quick gulps.   Then “washem out”  the Kava with a chaser.  Included is red fleshed apple from the Adelaide Hills and cocoa nibs from Vanuatu.  Eaten together they taste just like chocolate! Relax and enjoy.  Kava has more effect on an empty stomach.  Plan some time before breakfast, a lazy Sunday, or for a meditation session at home.

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Weight .040 kg