Wiech’s Egg Noodle – Fine 250g


Traditionally used in soups, such a chicken, seafood, bean & lentil type soups. Use in Stir Fries or with delicate sauces. Use in place of angel hair. At Wiech’s we take pride in our 70 years of Barossa Heritage. We still faithfully retain our traditional methods of manufacture handed down from mother to daughter to granddaughter. We choose only the best ingredients available to us – ingredients of the highest quality. Flour that is high in protein and gluten. Farm fresh eggs sourced locally from the Barossa Valley. All this adds up to a product that is silky in texture when cooked and has that superb tantalising taste. How it is made •Traditionally hand made, the doughs are mixed carefully and lovingly then passed through an extruder to form a continuous sheet. Then to the rolling machine where doughs are rolled and folded back and forth, kneading the dough all the time. •Finally when the correct thickness has been achieved the appropriate cutter is selected and the dough cut to the desired shape. We then hand cut to length and gently spread onto trays for drying. •Drying of the noodles is the most critical stage to ensure quality. We choose our traditional drying method of low temperatures and longer drying times to enable us to produce a noodle with more complex and diverse flavours. •The end result of all this loving care is a delicious, tender, fast cooking Wiech’s Egg Noodle.

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