Gluten Free Flat Bread

Some of the best discoveries come from mistakes, the lamington springs to mind, popular myth tells of the kitchen maid of Lord Lamington, Governor of Queensland, who dropped a sponge cake into a vat of chocolate icing and, rather than waste the cake, cut it up and covered it in coconut. True? Don’t know, makes a good origin story though.

Here is one for us. I make crumpets, they are bad tempered, volatile things that must be timed to perfection or you have rubber thongs fried in butter instead. Anyway, anyone who has been reading this blog will know by now that I have a list of food intolerances as long as my arm, but still I have the longings for What Came Before.

So I decided that I would make crumpets for afternoon tea to have with my lovely husband using our Convalita Gourmet Gluten and Grain free Flour Blend, right from the start the mix just wasn’t right, too thin, no elasticity, I decided to cook it up, figured if worst came to worst the chickens could have them for dinner. I tried at first to use my crumpet rings, big mistake, the mix adhered to them like super glue, so I poured the next one onto the buttered griddle and let it spread, and lo, there it was, the perfect gluten free flat bread!

You can buy a lot of gluten free things, and a lot of them are horrible. I know that the super seller (Karen) could sell a pile of these if I gave her the nod, they are chewy and flavoursome and they FOLD! A perfect yiros bread or sandwich bread for those of us who struggle with what most people eat everyday.

Instead, I give it to you, a gift to our readers. A gluten free flat bread, give it a try, you’ll be glad you did.


Gluten free flat bread

170g Convalita Gourmet gluten free flour blend

70g tapioca flour

6g salt

320ml warm water

6g yeast

1/2 tsp baking powder

100ml water extra


In a large jug whisk the flours, yeast, salt and warm water until a smooth batter, set aside half an hour until bubbly, combine the baking powder and extra water and whisk in. Rest for five minutes, pour enough batter onto a medium hot buttered griddle or fry pan, cook one side, flip,cook the other, transfer to a plate, do the rest, makes about 10. Store any leftovers, if you can resist eating them all, in the fridge or they do freeze well, just stick a bit of grease proof paper between each bread.


Serve with jam and cream like a chewy crepe, or make into a little yiros like I have done in the photo, these are made with cashew cheese, beef chipolatas, spinach, coriander and a scatter of pepitas for crunch, a perfect light lunch or dinner.

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